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Additional information on data protection – website privacy policy  

I.- Who is responsible for processing your data?

The entity in charge of your data is YEESSHH LTD (hereinafter, for the purposes of this document, "YEESSHH"”) with registered office at Ground Floor 71, Lower Baggot street, Dublin D02P593, Ireland. If you have any queries regarding data protection, please contact us by sending an e-mail to

II.- Why do we process your data?

Yeesshh hereby informs the Interested Party that their personal data will be processed by Yeesshh for the following purposes:

1. Managing bookings and services. In order to manage bookings requested by users, Yeesshh shall process the personal data submitted by users via the data collection forms. For the same purpose, Yeesshh shall transfer users’ data to the company that owns the hotel. This data transfer may involve an international transfer to a country that does not provide the same level of personal data protection offered within the European Union. Pursuant to the provisions established in data protection regulations, an international transfer shall be made in order to process the service requested by users. The only data transferred to said entities shall be information that is essential for processing the hotel booking chosen by the user and shall only be used for this purpose. Likewise, Yeesshh shall solely process the information required to process booking modifications or cancellation requests made by users. If users provide information on their health in open form field , Yeesshh understands that said data are expressly provided voluntarily by the user, given that this information has not been requested previously and will only be used in order to process the user’s request (for example, rooms adapted to individual needs).

Legal basis: This data will only be processed if Yeesshh has received user consent.

2. For the fulfilment of accounting, legal, tax and administrative obligations.

Legal basis: This data processing is necessary for the execution of the contract.

3. Electronic communications with information regarding offers and promotions about products and services offered by Yeesshh.1. In order to offer users products and services that may be of interest to them, offers on products and services relating to those booked with Yeesshh shall be sent to them. Legal basis: Such data processing is necessary to comply with the obligations under the Law on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, as well as to satisfy Yeesshh's legitimate interest in guaranteeing internet and data security.

4. For commercial communications about offers related to products and/or services already requested by users or booked previously with Yeesshh that may be of interest to the users, personal data may be processed in order to create profiles based on internal sources (e.g. browser cookie data, historical data and statistics regarding Yeesshh products). These results allow personalised products to be designed and analysed through segmentation of different groups based on common patterns. These profiles will only be used to send personalised communications about products and/or services offered by Yeesshh.

Yeesshh would like to inform users that, for marketing purposes and with the aim of continuously improving its products, it uses a provider located in the United States called Hubspot Inc., which involves an international transfer of data regarding its users. This provider complies with the Privacy Shield agreement, which regulates international transfers between entities located in the European Union and those located in the United States, ensuring that transfers are carried out in line with the agreed terms and that the provider processes the data in compliance with the stipulations agreed upon.

Legal basis: Such processing is required to satisfy the legitimate interests of Yeesshh.

5. Commercial communications regarding offers not related to contracted products and/or services.BGH may send promotional offers about certain products available to users in the hotel (e.g. room features, SPA, Golf, Barceló Experience). Likewise, Yeesshh may send information on activities related to tourism and leisure, as well as cultural activities, excursions, sporting events, etc. which may or may not be offered, together with the accommodation services available in the hotel.

Legal basis: This data will only be processed if Yeesshh has received user consent.

6. Disclosure of personal data to owner companies of Barceló hotels in order to offer personalised services for users in the hotel. Barcelo hotel may transfer users’ data to the owner company of a Barceló branded hotel with which users have made a booking, in order to improve the user experience in the hotel. Accordingly, Yeesshh shall provide the owner company of the hotel with information obtained from the relationship between Yeesshh and users and information obtained from other sources in accordance with the provisions of paragraph This communication may involve an international data transfer when the destination hotel is located outside the European Union. In any event, user data shall only be transferred with their express consent and only to the hotel chosen by the user with the aim of offering personalised services offered in the hotel in which the booking has been .

Legal basis: Data shall only be processed if Yeesshh has obtained users’ valid consent.

7. Complaints management: about the hotel to be seen directly with the relevant hotel. About the event itself, to the email specified above.

8. Query management and other requests. Yeesshh shall process data required to address queries or requests sent by users via the different contact forms available on the website and through the point of contact form.

9. Legal or administrative procedures. Yeesshh, in the event of possible legal or administrative procedures that may arise from services offered or provided by Yeesshh, shall process the necessary information to submit the relevant allegations, exercise its lawful right to defence, or file any claims deemed appropriate based on the facts.

Legal basis: This processing is based on legal obligations established by administrative regulations (mainly, the Law on Common Administrative Procedure) or, if required, to ensure that Yeesshh can exercise its legitimate right to effective legal protection, in terms of its right to defence and its right to file any judicial claims deemed necessary, based on the Civil Procedure Act or the Criminal Procedure Act.

10. Implementation of controls for the detection of fraudulent activities. For the purpose of controlling and following up on actions that may be considered fraudulent, either currently or in the future, Yeesshh would like to inform customers that it carries out analysis on the transactions they make. This allows Yeesshh to identify and analyse those customers it detects as acting fraudulently in detail during the booking process and, if necessary, to draw up a list of those temporarily excluded from the booking process.

Legal basis: This processing is based on the legitimate interest of Yeesshh, given that it involves controlling and monitoring all the operations carried out by its users in order to detect possible fraudulent activities in the transactions that take place during the booking process.

11. Cookies and data processing: cookies may be used for retargeting campaigns.

IV.- Who will we share your data with?

Yeesshh may communicate data to:

  • Barcelo hotel to manage reservation of rooms.

  • Competent Public Bodies, Judges and Courts.

  • Beside the aforementioned data sharing, Yeesshh works with third parties who provide services and have access to the personal data of the customers, which they process in representation and on behalf of Yeesshh as a result of providing said services. Specifically, Yeesshh hires third parties to supply, for example and not limited to, services in the following sectors: legal advice, multidisciplinary professional services, tech services, IT services. Providers include Hubspot Inc., a company located in the United States that complies with the Privacy Shield.

V.- What rights do you have when providing us with your data?

Users may, if they so wish, exercise their right to access, amend and delete their data, as well as request that the processing of their data be limited, oppose said processing, request the portability of their data, and request not to be subject to individual decisions based on automated processing, by means of the following:

Users may withdraw their consent for the data processing carried out on the basis of their consent, by following the steps described in the previous paragraph. Users may oppose the processing of their data based on the legitimate interests of Yeesshh, particularly with regard to receiving commercial communications, the creation of commercial profiles and receiving surveys.

VI.- How have we obtained your data?

The personal data processed by BGH is that which has been gathered through:

– Our direct channels:

VII.- With which authority can you exercise your right to claim?

Users may file a claim with the relevant privacy officer in their country.

In any event, users are hereby informed that any claims relating to the processing of personal data shall be managed and processed by the Data Protection Officer of Yeesshh, or by sending an email to:, attaching to this request, in both cases, a copy of their National Identity Document, Tax ID number, or an official document that identifies them.